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. Wednesday, September 07, 2005

it's early, and i'm up to make sure that i'm not late for a 9am disposistional hearing this morning.

i'm sick of the sioux falls police man.

i'm also sick of people bitching about the price of gas, and no, i don't think the price will drop, regardless of the drop in crude.

ho hum.

i watched a friend of mine play with his new ibook today. he just took it right out of the box and i wanted to cry.

somebody please gift me a computer. i seem unable to aquire one myself.

-gitchee manitou
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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that was last night.

i recently came back to the SoDak from a trip down to GA so i could visit, as well as take care of some legal issues.


No. No i do not think you are.

The trip on the whole was great. I had the chance to catch up with certain folks, avoid others, and manage to drink 4 days in a row, which if any of you actually know me, then it is to know that it is a rare thing to witness.

I just can't help it when i visit Athens. The place compels you to drink, just as New Orleans commands the utter addiction to smack, coke, and other soul-stealing substances.

Image Hosted by SO i paid about $400 worth of fines, which i discovered should have been taken care of when last arrested back in Jan.2004.

Probation officer messed up, and apparently this is going through some channels so i can be refunded.


i hate to make this short, especially since i haven't bee posting, and therefore neglecting my post, no pun intended, but i really haven't much to say of the chitchat nature, though have some real matters to bring forth at a later time.

they should be of interest to you, because it could happen to you, or those you love.

and it has nothing to do with this kitten, which i am posting below, even though he came into this world to only have his sibling rip out his eye on the second week of his life.

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and finally, a couple of geeky things you should try out.

one of them is from Rob's request.

the other has been my own little fascination of late. see if you can find me.

-gitchee manitou
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usthe author and an underage girl

I was forced to slam Shaun's head into a Waffle House chair
and steal his blogger passwords so we could see an update here.

so here: proof of my (much) earlier protestation to Curt that
I would be no better at this than Shaun.

long live the revolution

-gitchee manitou
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

yes, i did get pulled over again.

the sioux falls man is a bored man, and nay a 24hr donut shop around, save for casey's,
the kum n' go, and other assorted, but not freshly made, donut vendors...

therefore, they do their job, which by definition, seems to be the case.

they police.



and one day, after i conquer mars, i will destroy them.

with mind bullets.

and using the energy of my friends' quick, clever wit and zest for colorful dialouge.

-gitchee manitou
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo.
48 hours of jail equals complete waste of time. I had an "American history X pt2: The lite version" while i was in there. After 4 hours of the common room, and then put into housing, you began to realize most of the white people in there have shaved heads. All of them walking around in their stripes, acting tough with toothpicks as eyebrow jewelry, which still baffles me. I walk in, though now i have to say that at this time my hair has been growing out again, thankfully, but as i said, i was walking into housing, and white guys were sitting around a table playing cribbage, because in the midwest you don't play spades in jail, you play cribbage, and they call me over to sit with them, so i do, not really thinking because if you spend enough time in there you may as well shave your head because what is a sense of fashion anymore when you sleep on a plastic bed and eat plastic food and drink fake kool-aid that tastes of soap.

i see them play their hands.
i spot a swastika inside the right arm.
another, in defeat, rests his forehead on the table.
i spot another swastika on the backside of his racist scalp.

i stand and walk over to as many peoples of color as possible and sit with them, though that only lasted a few hours until i realized that i could sleep my sentence away...

they asked me why i came to sit down.

"swastikas", i say. "fuck that."
"cool". and he goes back to watching Beverly Hills Cop 2.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI haven't seen a skinhead in years. PLENTY of years. I thought we evolved in the urban environs, meaning that they stayed hidden.

Then i remind myself i'm in the mid-west.

Seeing as the new Harry Potter is coming out this Sat. (or friday at midnight), and seeing as i am a huge fan(if you disagree, get off your 'i hate it cause it's mainstream' ass high horse and have some fun with your brain that drips pretentious droppings, you shit. i bet you read Garfield. fucker.) i decided jail could be well spent catching up and rereading the other books.

Couldn't. The warden declared them 'contraband'.

Then i remind myself that i'm in the mid-west.

A few nights ago a tree branch few over my retrofitted cable wires that extend from my house to the world beyond. I should say tree 'log'.

That would be more appropriate.

-gitchee manitou
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Saturday, July 02, 2005

about a month ago the police got me again. in fact, they got me right in front of my house, and as i stepped out of the car it was then that i even noticed i had been pulled over.

...cop came running out to me, hand outstrecthed, doing his 'stand back citizen' posture.

so, after court, they sentenced me to 2 days in the penn.

nice one, SoDak. way to take this threat off your fair streets.

the funny part is, is that the day i have to go spend my 48 hour slap on the wrist is on the 4th of July.

which is independence day.

but not for me i guess.

-gitchee manitou
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Thursday, June 30, 2005

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-gitchee manitou
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